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Just got back from the StarCity Games Open in Columbus, OH!  Man am I exhausted!  Really had an absolute blast, excited to be at the largest standard StarCity event yet, and picked up a ton of very, very cool commissions!  Thanks to everyone who came out to say hi!  I’m probably going to be attending a few more events this Spring.  Hope to see some of you there! Just wanted to let everyone know the next events I’ll be at.

Feb 2-3: Star City Games Open Series Atlanta, GA

Feb 23: Star City Games Grand Prix Charlotte, NC

Mar 9-10: Star City Games Open Series Indianapolis, IN

By popular demand, we have opened the Black Wing MTG art mod studio to the masses!

For those of you who don’t know us already, we do custom commission Magic: the Gathering card alters.  Most of our alters are done with acrylic paint and ink, though occasionally a few other mediums pop up.

Please have a look around our gallery and then contact us with your commission requests!  We can do any card to your specifications, or we can work with you to create some great designs.

Please feel free to drop us a note with any questions or commission requests! And don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Deviantart, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Thanks again to all of our supporters for making us the top card art studio on the web!

—Ron Faris, Lead Artist

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